Our Rental Stock

GLP Impression X1

GLP Impression X4

GLP Impression X4L

GLP Impression X4 Bar 10/20

GLP JDC1 Hybrid Strobe

GLP Impression X4 Atom 30w



LightSky F230 Extreme Beam

LightSky F330 Spot

Ayrton Magic Blade

Ayrton Magic Panel-R

Ayrton Wildbeam-R

TourPro Storm 1000 RGB

TourPro 400i IP65

TourPro Titan UV

Chauvet Nexus Panel

TourPro Stealth Pix

LED PixelMappable ip65 Festoon

TourPro Rebel IP65 Battery Par

GrandMA2 Light

GrandMA2 Full Size

GrandMA 2 NPU (Network Processing Unit)

High End Full Boar 4

High End Hoglet

High End HedgeHog 4

High End DP8000 DMX Processor

High End Playback Wing

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